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MaidinBahrain.com is the first and only multi-agency online housemaid platform in Bahrain. Established in 2013 we firmly believe that when you are trusting individuals and letting them in your lives, you deserve full information on those people. We led the idea that all Maid's bios, photos and videos should be made available prior to deciding whether to hire that person. We also created the idea of bringing all candidates online, enabling our clients to interview their candidates face to face before choosing to hire. Our plan is to have all of the authorised agencies in Bahrain available online to give the sponsors the widest possible choice of housemaids to hire.

All our services are for free, both for the Agencies and for the users.

Agencies can register and place the profiles of available housemaids online for free. At the same time we also allow Agencies to place the profiles of locally available housemaids separately so we can send send the details to our database of users for immediate hiring.

For the Sponsors, they no longer need to go and visit multiple agency offices looking at paper CVs and trying to remember what maid they saw last! This search uses the Sponsors preferences to search the profiles of housemaids from multiple agencies in Bahrain and provides an easy comparison of the potential candidates. The Sponsor can then print the profiles at home to compare and then contact the Agency directly to hire the housemaid.

If you are looking for a housemaid in Bahrain then look no further than MaidinBahrain.com !

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