Fee Guarantee

At present, if you sponsor a housemaid through an agency, you are entiteld to a three (3) month trial period during which time you can have the housemaid stay with you and see how she settles into your home.

If for any reason you wish to return the housemaid during this trial period you are entitled to a full refund less an admin or office fee. This fee can vary from a flat fee of BD 50 to 20% of the office fee. It is always important to have this clear when working with any agency.

After 3 months, if you return the housemaid, you will not receive any of your fee returned to you from the Agency. Similarly, if the housemaid runs away after the trial period you will not receive any money in return.

This loss can now be minimised through the fee guarantee insurance. Please complete the form and we will have a representative call you to discuss the insurance with you directly.